Threads of Silver: Chapter 6 ©

It had been almost a week since Jinx had brought back the silver thread from the shop and Adala now sat at her loom in the attic running it through her thin fingers. She could not imagine what she would make with something so lovely and was almost afraid of what powers it might possess when she sang her magic song, but today curiosity was getting the better of her. She secured the threads to her loom and then with skillful motions began moving her shuttle piece in and out of the ends. As she began to sing, her voice carried the enchanted song to the glittering silver threads. However, instead of the threads absorbing the rhythm of her song they only took in the words. Of course, Adala did not know this and she continued to work long into the night until all of the thread had been woven into an exquisite piece of fabric. The candlelight in her little attic danced across the silvery cloth making it look like sparkling diamonds draped across her lap. Gently she ran her fingers over it, marveling at its beauty and wondering what would happen when she wrapped herself in its folds. After what seemed like an eternity, she slowly removed the gray wool shawl she had been wearing and gently slid the silvery cloth across the skin on her arms and shoulders. No sooner had she done it than her head began spinning; words and images began to flash inside her mind like all the knowledge in the world was suddenly being poured into her all at once. She groaned and her head sank to the floor with a thud that startled Jinx sleeping in the room just beneath the attic. Not wasting a moment, he leaped out of bed and dashed up the rickety wood ladder to her side. Adala was motionless on the floor. In a panic Jinx shook her violently, desperately shouting her name until slowly her eyes began to open. She looked up at him confused, then noticed the silver cloth shimmering on the floor next to her, which had fallen when Jinx shook her. She sat up quickly and began to relate all that had just happened; then gripping both of his shoulders she said with desperation quivering in her voice “This silver cloth possesses great power! When it touched my skin I felt like all the knowledge in the world was suddenly in my mind… who knows what someone could do with such ability! We must destroy it and never speak of it to anyone, ever! Do you understand?” Jinx looked into her intense gray eyes and nodded in solemn agreement. Taking her wool shawl, Adala quickly wrapped the silver cloth inside of it and then hurried down the ladder to the fire place where she tossed the whole bundle into the flames. Jinx slowly came down the ladder and stood beside her. They stood watching the fire consume the mysterious piece of silver cloth until there was nothing but embers left. Finally, Jinx cleared his throat, adjusted his night cap and gently took Adala’s hand. “Come my dear, it’s all done now and it’s time we were getting some sleep.” Adala smiled a weary smile and said “Of course you are right. Let’s be off to bed.” She turned to go but as she trudged up the ladder and curled up on her straw mattress in the corner of the attic, she knew sleep would be impossible for her.

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Threads of Silver: Chapter 5 ©

Meanwhile back at the palace, King Dempsey’s lust for admiration had driven him to the verge of insanity. He threw lavish parties at which he would feature himself as the singer for the evening; although his voice reminded his audience of a horse with a sinus infection. When the dances would begin, he made extravagant efforts to be graceful but in the end he only succeeded in making a spectacle of himself. He invited the most important and intelligent members of the nobility only to make every attempt at upstaging their intelligence on matters of state and society. Of course he only made a fool of himself and even attempted to challenge a knight, quite distinguished in the art of war, to a duel even though he had never so much as ridden into battle. The knight, knowing the king’s lack of knowledge, politely declined and excused himself to the hallway where he burst into riotous laughter. Thus was the unhappy life of King Dempsey. The more ridiculous he was, the more obsessed he became with himself and the more obsessed he became with himself the less he slept and the worse he treated those around him. He yelled at the palace housekeepers, ordered beatings for the servants over the slightest offense and threw things at the cooks if the food was not just to his liking. It was a sad state of existence for everyone. Then one sleepless night, as the king was angrily pacing about the palace halls he overheard a stable hand telling one of the servants that his grandmother had been given a blanket with magic qualities. “You know my Grammy has suffered a long time, not being able to sleep…” the stable hand said “…but just last summer she was given a blue blanket by a merchant from one of the villages and ever since then she says her sleep is sweeter than when she was a baby! I think it’s that magic weaver from the legends, I do!” King Dempsey listened closely as the servant responded. “Those legends are a bunch of hogwash! That blanket was probably just extra soft and warm so that your Grammy could sleep better. There’s no such thing as a magic weaver!” “There is so!” The stable hand shouted back “Why I heard just last week that Old Gimpsy from the wash room was given a scarf from his cousin’s wedding and you know he ain’t never been able to sing worth two cents but now he sings so sweet the birds sit by the window just to hear him hum a tune! What do you say to that?” “I say Old Gimpsy’s just finally got himself sober is all that is!” retorted the servant. On they went arguing but the king now had an idea stirring in his wicked mind and he scurried off to his chambers to formulate a plan.

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Threads of Silver: Chapter 4 ©

“Why Jinx, wherever have you been?” Adala exclaimed as Jinx came bursting through the wooden door. She had been preparing hot pottage for lunch with chunks of potatoes and fresh baked bread. This was the dwarf’s favorite meal and Adala could not understand why it took him over an hour just to go to the thread shop when he knew it was waiting for him. “Aye Miss Adala, I gots somethin’ to show ya!” said Jinx as he hurried right past the food. Out of breathe, he reached into his basket and carefully unwrapped layers of brown paper to reveal the glittering spool of silver thread! Adala dropped the wooden spoon she had been stirring the pottage with. “Jinx! Where on earth did you get something so exquisite!” she cried. “It was Miss Grenada! She says she got it from one of her merchants at no extra cost so she saved it as a gift just for you!” Adala gently took the thread and ran it through her fingers, admiring how it glistened in the sunlight. “I have never made a garment from something so lovely. I’m almost afraid of what might come of it.” She said wrinkling her brow with concern. “Aye, Miss Adala but it does seem a bit of a shame to waste a gift so fine. Maybe you could make yourself something nice for a change.” Jinx was always trying to take care of Adala and convince her to take better care of herself, but the weaver of such exquisite fabrics typically preferred to clothe herself in simple garments made of plain linen. After thinking a moment Adala replied “Well, I certainly have no use for something so lavish but still… It does seem a shame to waste it. Perhaps I will think of something special to make soon. Shall we eat?” And with that she tucked the thread into her apron pocket and kissed Jinx on the forehead. Jinx smiled at the small, white haired girl and sat down at the simple oak table near the fireplace to eat. Adala sat next to him, sipping her tea and listening to him tell her all about his trip to town. She always enjoyed hearing Jinx talk about his visits with the townsfolk but at that moment her thoughts kept drifting to the little spool of silver thread resting in her pocket.

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Threads of Silver: Chapter 3 ©

It was a beautiful fall day in the kingdom of Eben and Jinx was in an unusually good mood. It was time to pay a visit to the thread shop and while he normally complained about the long walk or how expensive thread was these days, today the sunshine and crisp air had made him almost delighted to go about his errands. As he walked into the shop he was greeted by the smell of fabric dyes and the friendly salutation of the shop’s owner, Grenada. “Well, Hello there, Mr. Jinx!” she said warmly as she shuffled her way to the front of the store. She was quite elderly, with stooped shoulders and hair silver as the moon on a cold night. “Hello, Grenada! Fine day isn’t it?” replied Jinx. “It is a fine day indeed Mr. Jinx! Come for your usual selection of threads today?” she asked quizzically. “I surely have! Miss Adala is almost run out of her blue and green threads and I suppose the purple and orange are already gone considering all the weddings we’ve been having these days!” said Jinx. “Well, don’t you worry now Mr. Jinx, I’ll get ye all fixed up and…” she lowered her tone and motioned for Jinx to come closer “I gots ye somethin’ special today too.” Jinx drew closer as Grenada reached inside a drawer behind the worn wooden counter top. Pulling out a spool of dazzling silver thread she slipped it into his hand and closed his fingers around it. Jinx gasped and protested “Why Grenada! You know me an’ Miss Adala can’t be affordin’ nothin’ fancy like that! Why we can barely afford the colored threads we do buy!” “Aye, aye, aye Mr. Jinx, don’t you carry on so! One of my merchants came through day before yesterday and gave me this thread as a little somethin’ extra for always buyin’ from him when he comes to town. I didn’t pay nothin’ for it so I saved it just especially for Miss Adala as a gift! Now take it and don’t say nothin’ else about it!” Well, Jinx knew there would be no arguing with Grenada when she had made her mind up so he carefully wrapped the glittering thread in some brown paper and hid it beneath all the other spools. He thanked Grenada and then hurried on his way back home to show Adala the unexpected gift of silver thread.

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Threads of Silver: Chapter 2 ©

Now the kingdom in which Adala and Jinx lived was called Eben and it was ruled by a vain, arrogant man named King Dempsey. He was pale, short, very round and had a pinched sort of face with a pointy little nose. He had an insatiable desire to be admired and his bitter jealousy burned towards anyone that he saw as being more knowledgeable, talented, or handsome than he was. Each night he tossed and turned, fretting about what people thought of him, which of course made his face appear even more pinched than it naturally was. However, this was not the worst to be said about King Dempsey. Nearly twenty years ago he had been married to an exquisitely beautiful Spanish princess named Isadora, whom he was sure would make him the envy all of his peers. The princess, who became his queen, was not only lovely but kind and possessed many talents. She was an exquisite dancer, enchanting singer and spent much of her time among the people, listening to their problems and doing what she could to help. The queen also had very special book that she simply called The Book of Wisdom. It was an account of the Great King of creation who made himself human to save the world from a terrible curse. He was the essence of true love, ultimate sacrifice and the wisdom that gives life to all things. This she read to the people on her visits throughout the kingdom. As she spoke the words of the story, her silvery voice would carry it like a song straight into the hearts of all who would listen and before long the entire realm began to pulse with a sense of life like it had never known before. Of course this did not please King Dempsey at all. He had wanted Isadora as a beautiful ornament to adorn himself with, but instead he got a queen who completely outshined him in every way. He felt discarded by his subjects, which caused jealousy to seethe inside of him until he could stand it no longer and he began plotting to get rid of her. However, before he had the chance to carry out his evil plans, the Queen became pregnant and soon gave birth to twins; a boy and a girl. At first the King was happy and for a time his jealousy towards Isadora softened.

Years passed and the twins grew to be as enchanting and lovely as their mother, which meant the King’s jealousy once again burned towards his family. Sadly this time he would succeed in his efforts to get rid of them. On a dark, moonless night King Dempsey sent assassins to kill Isadora. The Queen tried to escape and got as far as the outskirts of the forest before she was finally caught. No one knows what happened to the children, not even the king, for their bodies were never found. Some say that they must have been drowned in the river; others say they remain locked in some forgotten chamber of the dungeons but in truth, no one really knows for sure. Even the queen’s precious Book of Wisdom mysteriously vanished. Of course, King Dempsey claimed it was all the work of criminals and even put on an impressive display of mourning to obtain sympathetic attention, but everyone in the kingdom knew that he was the reason for their disappearance. When the King did not get the admiration he had anticipated, his temperament became darker. Everyone was forced to continue on with their duties as though nothing had happened but the feeling that all the light in world had been snuffed loomed over the kingdom like a cloud of suffocating smoke. The village festivals slowly disappeared and even small celebrations seemed to have lost their warmth; the gardeners could no longer hear nature’s sweet songs and their tasks felt like the purest drudgery; the artisans lost their sense of purpose and most of their work was completely devoid of creativity. Thus the kingdom became a very sad place indeed. But in the quaint little town where there was a magic weaver and an old dwarf, a whisper of life still existed and it wouldn’t take long for the King to find it.

Threads of Silver: Chapter 1 ©

Threads of Silver

Once upon a century, in a town where a river weaves itself through rows of cobblestone cottages, there lived a girl named Adala. She was a small girl with smoky grey eyes, olive colored skin and even though she was only in her early twenties, her hair was white as snow. She was a weaver by trade and her skill as such was extraordinary. She got her threads from a small shop in town and wove them into the most intricate, beautiful patterns you could possibly imagine. She used soft blues, rich purples, lively oranges and vibrant greens. But it was not the colors or intricate patterns that made her fabrics so special. You see as Adala would weave the different colored threads to make her beautiful creations she would sing a soft, enchanting melody and as she sang something magical would happen. Each note of her song would settle into the different colored threads and give them a special quality. When she would weave a garment made of the blue thread, the low notes of her song would sink into the fabric and anyone who wore it as they slept would sleep the most beautiful sleep, as if a lullaby was sung in their dreams. The orange threads picked up the more lively notes of the song and anyone who wore stockings made from them would be able to dance as if the music was alive inside of their soul and they would never get tired! High notes in the melody were captured by green fabrics which, when worn, would give the wearer the ability to make anything grow like they could hear the songs of nature itself. Finally, the rich purple threads would soak up the steady rhythmic notes and the wearer of such fabrics was able to sing with the voice of an angel.

Well as you might imagine, such a talent was highly sought after, but Adala was not one to seek fame or fortune and preferred to keep herself hidden as much as she could. Most of the village people protected her because she was kind and generous to all who were in need. She gave many blankets made of blue thread to the elderly and the sick so that they may find rest in their sleep. To the farmers who struggled to grow crops in hard times she would give green coats or vests and at weddings she would give orange stockings or purple scarfs for dancing and singing. So the people loved her and as time passed they convinced most of the outside world that the rumors of a magic weaver were only legends, allowing Adala to live mostly in peace. Now there was also crusty old dwarf named Jinx who lived with Adala in a very simple cobblestone cottage just near the river. He would buy the colored threads and take finished garments to the market or wherever they were meant to go while Adala spent hour after hour in the attic of the cottage weaving and singing her enchanted song. But Jinx was not only her closest friend and helper; he was the only father she had ever known. He had found her sleeping under some bushes near the river when she was just three years old and even though he was the sort of man who liked to be alone he took her in, raising her as his own. Adala had no memory of her parents so Jinx was really all she had to call family. He was a bit rough around the edges but Adala loved him very much.

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Part 24: Celebration ©

This week a great celebration was held in my honor. Of course I was only doing my super hero duty in bringing peace to my suburban domain, but I have to say that I very much enjoyed the party! There were bright colored balloons, a sugary substance that was absolutely delightful to eat and being the guest of honor, I got to wear an extraordinary hat with streamers on it. Ah yes, victory is sweet!

Life is actually pretty peaceful now. I spend lots of time playing with Ellie and Squirt and I have to say that I enjoy it immensely; the four creatures above my crib have now learned to respect me since I have proven my ability to escape, and Mom and I are even beginning to understand each other better. I can’t tell if it’s because she speaks more of my language or I speak more of hers, but either way it’s kind of nice. Uncle Schmoe is definitely an alien but from all determinations he is a good one. We are quite close friends now. I have also determined that Dad is a superhero, which is a most fortuitous discovery! He has the strength of ten men, he seems to have some sort of telepathic ability to always know what I am doing and his hugs are so full of super power that they make almost any problem completely disappear… definitely a superhero. I do still keep in touch with Mr. Tiggles but it seems he’s retired from the spy business and has taken to fly fishing… whatever that is.

So all is well for now, but I continue to keep my super powers sharp just in case there are any threats that should arise in the future. In fact, just a few days ago I heard a story from one of the other babies at the nursery about something called a “sister” that has unexpectedly invaded his peaceful existence. I hope nothing of the sort ever comes to my domain but if so I will be ready… after all, I now know that a little playtime can sometimes make an enemy into a friend and friendship is what makes life in suburbia the best life in the world… especially for a superhero.