Part 24: Celebration ©

This week a great celebration was held in my honor. Of course I was only doing my super hero duty in bringing peace to my suburban domain, but I have to say that I very much enjoyed the party! There were bright colored balloons, a sugary substance that was absolutely delightful to eat and being the guest of honor, I got to wear an extraordinary hat with streamers on it. Ah yes, victory is sweet!

Life is actually pretty peaceful now. I spend lots of time playing with Ellie and Squirt and I have to say that I enjoy it immensely; the four creatures above my crib have now learned to respect me since I have proven my ability to escape, and Mom and I are even beginning to understand each other better. I can’t tell if it’s because she speaks more of my language or I speak more of hers, but either way it’s kind of nice. Uncle Schmoe is definitely an alien but from all determinations he is a good one. We are quite close friends now. I have also determined that Dad is a superhero, which is a most fortuitous discovery! He has the strength of ten men, he seems to have some sort of telepathic ability to always know what I am doing and his hugs are so full of super power that they make almost any problem completely disappear… definitely a superhero. I do still keep in touch with Mr. Tiggles but it seems he’s retired from the spy business and has taken to fly fishing… whatever that is.

So all is well for now, but I continue to keep my super powers sharp just in case there are any threats that should arise in the future. In fact, just a few days ago I heard a story from one of the other babies at the nursery about something called a “sister” that has unexpectedly invaded his peaceful existence. I hope nothing of the sort ever comes to my domain but if so I will be ready… after all, I now know that a little playtime can sometimes make an enemy into a friend and friendship is what makes life in suburbia the best life in the world… especially for a superhero.


Part 23: Offer of Friendship ©

Today peace was made in the land of Suburbia! It all happened this morning when Mom unexpectedly decided to take me outside the portal. She said we needed to get something called “fresh air” and then led me by the hand towards the portal. Realizing that we were headed to where Ellie and Squirt would be waiting, I quickly snatched the ball and tucked it safely in my arm. As soon as we crossed the threshold I wriggled out of Mom’s grip and began looking for Ellie and Squirt to appear. Suddenly they came zipping from behind and were soon standing right in front of me. I expected to be greeted with their customary hostility but all I saw in their faces was a giddy, almost pleading sort of expression as they stared at the ball in my hands. I held the ball firmly and began my offer of friendship. “My dear Ellie and Squirt” I said eloquently “I know we have long been enemies but today I extend an offer of friendship. I will give you this ball in exchange for you relinquishing your mind control over Mom and Dad and ceasing your attempts to infiltrate my domain. Are we agreed?” Both dogs cocked their heads thoughtfully and then the white one spoke in a soft voice “We once dwelt in the domain that you now possess but when your transporter capsule arrived we were sent to live out here with no one to play with. It is not the ball we desire but a person who will play with us so if you will agree to do that then we will be most delighted to live in peace and meet your demands.” The Grand Ma was right! It was playtime that they wanted! “Very well,” I said, hiding my happiness “I will play with you and we shall be friends from this day on.” At that, the dogs bowed low and wagged their tails as I raised the ball over my head to toss it into the green space behind them. We played for what seemed like an eternity before Mom finally said it was time to go back inside the portal. She had an amused smile on her face and I knew it had to be because she was finally free from the mind control. At last success was mine and my domain was free!

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Part 22: Negotiations ©

Well, after much debate I finally resolved to give The Grand Ma’s advice a try. Of course, I didn’t think it would work but being out of all other options, I decided to make an attempt yesterday afternoon. I was being supervised by Dad and since he had previously attempted to arrange peace negotiations, I decided to enlist his assistance. I picked up a ball of suitable size and color, walked towards the portal and indicated my desire to go outside with my usual grunting and tapping techniques. It took a while but he finally opened the door and escorted me outside. As soon as I was past the portal I stood to face the direction of Ellie and Squirt’s lair. Then with all the super strength I could muster I called them out by name. They slowly approached and stared at me as I griped the ball in my hands. In a leap of faith, I lifted the ball and tossed it into the green space in front of them and when I did something amazing happened! The look in their eyes went from savage defiance to almost delightful submission! Their tales began to wag, a silly sort of smile tugged at their mouths and they followed the ball as if it had cast some sort of spell over them. Could it be? Was victory finally mine? I watched and waited. The two dogs tussled over the ball for a moment and then the brown one known as Ellie finally clutched it in her mouth and brought it back to me. She laid it at my feet and bowed low as if she was overwhelmed by my super awesomeness. I picked up the ball and tossed it again. Again they ran and brought it back even more excited than the first time. This was unbelievable! I could not decide whether it was the game or the ball itself that was causing these once evil creatures to become almost delightful, but I was determined to find out. However, just as I was about to initiate a conversation, Dad scooped me up and escorted me back inside the portal for feeding time. Not to worry. It was a most successful encounter and apparently I now possess the most powerful weapons of all… time to play and a ball to play with. Perhaps The Grand Ma was right and I am finally on the verge of victory!

Part 21: Conversations with The Grand Ma ©

This week I have been most frustrated in my efforts to think of an alternate strategy for defeating Ellie and Squirt. So far there have been no counter attacks, but my intelligence from Mr. Tiggles tells me they are most certainly plotting. I have consulted my friend, Mirror on the subject and she seems to have no more suggestions… even Doo Dog is out of ideas. So today I decided it was time to have a conversation with The Grand Ma. She came over around lunch time so I invited her to sit with me for a while and discuss the matter. Fortunately she is becoming quite fluent in gibberish so communication is not as much of a problem with her as it seems to be with everyone else. After she sat down, I proceeded to tell her the entire story, which she listened to with much interest… she is so supportive that way. When I had finally finished explaining that I was out of strategies for defeating these evil creatures who sought to occupy my domain she gave me the most interesting advice. “Well, have you tried to play with them?” she asked in fluent gibberish. “Play with them!” I said incredulously “They are my enemies!” “True. But I believe those creatures outside are called dogs and dogs are known to become your friend if you play with them. Perhaps it will work better than your attempts to antagonize them.” She replied. At this I was indignant. “They started this whole thing by antagonizing me first!” “It doesn’t matter who starts it” said The Grand Ma “It matters who finishes it.” Well, of course I knew she was right about that so I decided not to argue any further. After thanking her for her attention and dismissing her, I decided to give the idea some thought. Is it possible that a bit of playtime could turn an enemy into a friend? Perhaps I will soon find out.

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Part 20: The Assault ©

After days of careful planning and many failed attempts to communicate my plans to Uncle Schmoe, I finally succeeded in delivering a second attack! Yesterday in a most fortunate turn of events, Mom asked Uncle Schmoe to supervise my activities while she went to someplace called “the store”. It was my golden opportunity! As soon as Mom was out of sight I quickly moved to the back portal door and began tapping on it incessantly. I had learned from my previous attempts at communication with Uncle Schmoe that he seems to only understand sign language… it must be an alien thing. At first he didn’t seem to be paying attention to me so I added in a grunting sound which finally got his attention. “Do you want to go outside?” he asked. I did not comprehend what he said at all but it seemed that he might be starting to understand… In desperation I tapped harder and grunted louder until he finally reached over and began to open the portal door. Success! When we stepped outside I immediately reached my arms to the sky which was always my signal to him that I wanted to play rocket ship. He quickly obliged and my plan was now well underway! As soon as we blasted off, he proceeded to fly me around all over the outside domain just as Ellie and Squirt emerged from their lair of evil… the look of dismay on their faces was priceless! Uncle Schmoe and I zoomed over their heads as I dropped my super spit bombs with deadly aim. They yelled ferociously but I was not to be intimidated. “Surrender!” I yelled from my place in the sky. “Never!” They yelled back. Uncle Schmoe seemed to be catching on to my plot and swooped in for me to drop a second round of spit bombs. Unfortunately Uncle Schmoe does not have the super stamina that I do and we were forced to land shortly thereafter but nevertheless, it was an exhilarating battle! Once inside, I thanked Uncle Schmoe for his cooperation and resumed my regular superhero activities before Mom returned from her trip. Overall, I consider it a most successful endeavor but since the evil creatures still seem to refuse surrender, I’m afraid I must think of a new approach if I am to win this war.

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Part 19: Mud ©

Tonight as I lay in my padded cell, I am plagued with despair over my recent defeat. This morning I thought that I was being given a golden opportunity but it turned out to be disaster. Dad actually volunteered to take me outside the back portal and it seemed that he was trying to facilitate some sort of peace negotiations. We walked hand in hand right into the domain of Ellie and Squirt. They approached with a deceptive submissiveness when Dad called their names but I was not fooled. I looked right at them and told them that I would not surrender my domain and until they met my demands, we were at war! However, as soon as I got the words out, something strange happened. The sand that surrounded the patio was now wet and had turned into a dark brown pool of pure delight that I could not resist! I could no longer think clearly and my feet started moving towards the pool almost involuntarily… Dad tried to stop me but somehow I wiggled from his grip and jumped in on all fours. The feel of the wet sand was intoxicating! I didn’t even pay attention to the smug grins on Ellie and Squirt’s face as they celebrated their success in luring me into their trap. Fortunately Dad called out my name, “No, no, NO!” and rescued me before they had any chance to attack. I am ashamed at my weakness; but it was quite fortunate that at least Dad was there to save me. I am beginning to think he might actually be a superhero in disguise and perhaps he is becoming too strong for the mind control of the evil creatures. Only time will tell but for now I must re-strengthen my mental powers and continue to plan my air assault with Uncle Schmoe.

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Part 18: Friend In The Mirror ©

Every morning I go with Mom to a place called “the closet” while she exchanges the teddy bear pants she wears in the morning for some terribly plain looking pants with nothing colorful on them at all… I never understand why she does that, but yesterday as I was sitting on the floor pondering this, I noticed that on the back side of the closet door there was a magnificent window, which I had never noticed before, and in this window I discovered a new friend! At first I was startled by the baby staring at me but she greeted me with such a happy smile, I knew at once we were kindred in spirit! Mom, noticing my interest in this new window friend, was very helpful and introduced her as Mirror. It was a funny sounding name but not wanting to be rude, I decided to move on and find out more about her life in the window. As it turned out, she is a superhero too, although her domain seems to be much smaller than mine. We chatted for a while about all the challenges of superhero life and before long I was able to inform her of all my encounters with the creatures outside the portal. Sometimes it seemed like she was copying everything I said but I suppose that’s understandable considering adorableness is my strongest super power. Anyways, I asked her if she had any suggestions about how to arrange for a second attack on their domain and she advised me to enlist the help of Uncle Schmoe. She said that since he is an alien, he probably doesn’t know I’m not supposed to be outside the back portal. If I can successfully get him to take me out and launch me into the air in a game of rocket ship then I might be able to arrange an air attack with my spit bombs. It was a brilliant idea! As I followed Mom out of the closet, I thanked her for her advice and promised to return for further discussion the next morning. I must now think about how to convince Uncle Schmoe to assist me in my plan of attack…

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