Links of the Week!

For those who have dreams of publishing a children’s book, this article was extremely helpful!

If anyone else out there has ever labored over trying to use a different word to describe a character’s emotion this link is super awesome!!qMH6C:41@FFtMJ/

A great blog post on the importance of writing for children not just about children.


Links of The Week!

I am in love with this blog! It is for children’s literature only, the reviews are extremely helpful and the books chosen by Jennifer Lavonier seem to have a depth to them, which I really like. Please go visit if you have the chance!


This blog is also a new favorite for children’s book reviews. It is not quite as easy to navigate as TurtleAndRobot but it is definitely helpful and I am glad to subscribe!

Links of the Week!

I am always looking for competitions specifically for picture book writers and it sometimes seems impossible to find! However, last week I found this link thanks to a facebook post from so I hope it is helpful to all you other aspiring children’s authors!

The underlying theme of most of my writing is about taking time to stop and live for real. This post from The Simple Mom was an exceptional encapsulation of that theme and I thought I would share it with all of you!

Links of the Week!

This is a fun new segment I am adding to my blog and I hope everyone will get something out of it! As always, if you like what you read, please be sure to subscribe or share it with your friends. Also, just to let everyone know, I will be introducing Story Time podcasts in January 2013 where I will do readings of all the segments posted on my blog so please stay tuned!!

This Week’s Link Picks:

I have always been very confused about the term “literary voice” and this blog was extremely helpful. Thanks Adventurous Writer!!

With two small children, finding time to write creatively can be a huge challenge! This blog post had some helpful suggestions so I thought I would pass it along for all you other creative people out there!

I love Jon Acuff’s blog but this particular post was super encouraging to me!