Threads of Silver: Chapter 6 ©

It had been almost a week since Jinx had brought back the silver thread from the shop and Adala now sat at her loom in the attic running it through her thin fingers. She could not imagine what she would make with something so lovely and was almost afraid of what powers it might possess when she sang her magic song, but today curiosity was getting the better of her. She secured the threads to her loom and then with skillful motions began moving her shuttle piece in and out of the ends. As she began to sing, her voice carried the enchanted song to the glittering silver threads. However, instead of the threads absorbing the rhythm of her song they only took in the words. Of course, Adala did not know this and she continued to work long into the night until all of the thread had been woven into an exquisite piece of fabric. The candlelight in her little attic danced across the silvery cloth making it look like sparkling diamonds draped across her lap. Gently she ran her fingers over it, marveling at its beauty and wondering what would happen when she wrapped herself in its folds. After what seemed like an eternity, she slowly removed the gray wool shawl she had been wearing and gently slid the silvery cloth across the skin on her arms and shoulders. No sooner had she done it than her head began spinning; words and images began to flash inside her mind like all the knowledge in the world was suddenly being poured into her all at once. She groaned and her head sank to the floor with a thud that startled Jinx sleeping in the room just beneath the attic. Not wasting a moment, he leaped out of bed and dashed up the rickety wood ladder to her side. Adala was motionless on the floor. In a panic Jinx shook her violently, desperately shouting her name until slowly her eyes began to open. She looked up at him confused, then noticed the silver cloth shimmering on the floor next to her, which had fallen when Jinx shook her. She sat up quickly and began to relate all that had just happened; then gripping both of his shoulders she said with desperation quivering in her voice “This silver cloth possesses great power! When it touched my skin I felt like all the knowledge in the world was suddenly in my mind… who knows what someone could do with such ability! We must destroy it and never speak of it to anyone, ever! Do you understand?” Jinx looked into her intense gray eyes and nodded in solemn agreement. Taking her wool shawl, Adala quickly wrapped the silver cloth inside of it and then hurried down the ladder to the fire place where she tossed the whole bundle into the flames. Jinx slowly came down the ladder and stood beside her. They stood watching the fire consume the mysterious piece of silver cloth until there was nothing but embers left. Finally, Jinx cleared his throat, adjusted his night cap and gently took Adala’s hand. “Come my dear, it’s all done now and it’s time we were getting some sleep.” Adala smiled a weary smile and said “Of course you are right. Let’s be off to bed.” She turned to go but as she trudged up the ladder and curled up on her straw mattress in the corner of the attic, she knew sleep would be impossible for her.

(All content on this page is copyrighted by Angela R. Sexton 2013, All Rights Reserved)


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