Threads of Silver: Chapter 3 ©

It was a beautiful fall day in the kingdom of Eben and Jinx was in an unusually good mood. It was time to pay a visit to the thread shop and while he normally complained about the long walk or how expensive thread was these days, today the sunshine and crisp air had made him almost delighted to go about his errands. As he walked into the shop he was greeted by the smell of fabric dyes and the friendly salutation of the shop’s owner, Grenada. “Well, Hello there, Mr. Jinx!” she said warmly as she shuffled her way to the front of the store. She was quite elderly, with stooped shoulders and hair silver as the moon on a cold night. “Hello, Grenada! Fine day isn’t it?” replied Jinx. “It is a fine day indeed Mr. Jinx! Come for your usual selection of threads today?” she asked quizzically. “I surely have! Miss Adala is almost run out of her blue and green threads and I suppose the purple and orange are already gone considering all the weddings we’ve been having these days!” said Jinx. “Well, don’t you worry now Mr. Jinx, I’ll get ye all fixed up and…” she lowered her tone and motioned for Jinx to come closer “I gots ye somethin’ special today too.” Jinx drew closer as Grenada reached inside a drawer behind the worn wooden counter top. Pulling out a spool of dazzling silver thread she slipped it into his hand and closed his fingers around it. Jinx gasped and protested “Why Grenada! You know me an’ Miss Adala can’t be affordin’ nothin’ fancy like that! Why we can barely afford the colored threads we do buy!” “Aye, aye, aye Mr. Jinx, don’t you carry on so! One of my merchants came through day before yesterday and gave me this thread as a little somethin’ extra for always buyin’ from him when he comes to town. I didn’t pay nothin’ for it so I saved it just especially for Miss Adala as a gift! Now take it and don’t say nothin’ else about it!” Well, Jinx knew there would be no arguing with Grenada when she had made her mind up so he carefully wrapped the glittering thread in some brown paper and hid it beneath all the other spools. He thanked Grenada and then hurried on his way back home to show Adala the unexpected gift of silver thread.

(All content on this page is copyrighted by Angela R. Sexton 2013, All Rights Reserved)


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