Part 24: Celebration ©

This week a great celebration was held in my honor. Of course I was only doing my super hero duty in bringing peace to my suburban domain, but I have to say that I very much enjoyed the party! There were bright colored balloons, a sugary substance that was absolutely delightful to eat and being the guest of honor, I got to wear an extraordinary hat with streamers on it. Ah yes, victory is sweet!

Life is actually pretty peaceful now. I spend lots of time playing with Ellie and Squirt and I have to say that I enjoy it immensely; the four creatures above my crib have now learned to respect me since I have proven my ability to escape, and Mom and I are even beginning to understand each other better. I can’t tell if it’s because she speaks more of my language or I speak more of hers, but either way it’s kind of nice. Uncle Schmoe is definitely an alien but from all determinations he is a good one. We are quite close friends now. I have also determined that Dad is a superhero, which is a most fortuitous discovery! He has the strength of ten men, he seems to have some sort of telepathic ability to always know what I am doing and his hugs are so full of super power that they make almost any problem completely disappear… definitely a superhero. I do still keep in touch with Mr. Tiggles but it seems he’s retired from the spy business and has taken to fly fishing… whatever that is.

So all is well for now, but I continue to keep my super powers sharp just in case there are any threats that should arise in the future. In fact, just a few days ago I heard a story from one of the other babies at the nursery about something called a “sister” that has unexpectedly invaded his peaceful existence. I hope nothing of the sort ever comes to my domain but if so I will be ready… after all, I now know that a little playtime can sometimes make an enemy into a friend and friendship is what makes life in suburbia the best life in the world… especially for a superhero.


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