Part 22: Negotiations ©

Well, after much debate I finally resolved to give The Grand Ma’s advice a try. Of course, I didn’t think it would work but being out of all other options, I decided to make an attempt yesterday afternoon. I was being supervised by Dad and since he had previously attempted to arrange peace negotiations, I decided to enlist his assistance. I picked up a ball of suitable size and color, walked towards the portal and indicated my desire to go outside with my usual grunting and tapping techniques. It took a while but he finally opened the door and escorted me outside. As soon as I was past the portal I stood to face the direction of Ellie and Squirt’s lair. Then with all the super strength I could muster I called them out by name. They slowly approached and stared at me as I griped the ball in my hands. In a leap of faith, I lifted the ball and tossed it into the green space in front of them and when I did something amazing happened! The look in their eyes went from savage defiance to almost delightful submission! Their tales began to wag, a silly sort of smile tugged at their mouths and they followed the ball as if it had cast some sort of spell over them. Could it be? Was victory finally mine? I watched and waited. The two dogs tussled over the ball for a moment and then the brown one known as Ellie finally clutched it in her mouth and brought it back to me. She laid it at my feet and bowed low as if she was overwhelmed by my super awesomeness. I picked up the ball and tossed it again. Again they ran and brought it back even more excited than the first time. This was unbelievable! I could not decide whether it was the game or the ball itself that was causing these once evil creatures to become almost delightful, but I was determined to find out. However, just as I was about to initiate a conversation, Dad scooped me up and escorted me back inside the portal for feeding time. Not to worry. It was a most successful encounter and apparently I now possess the most powerful weapons of all… time to play and a ball to play with. Perhaps The Grand Ma was right and I am finally on the verge of victory!


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