Part 21: Conversations with The Grand Ma ©

This week I have been most frustrated in my efforts to think of an alternate strategy for defeating Ellie and Squirt. So far there have been no counter attacks, but my intelligence from Mr. Tiggles tells me they are most certainly plotting. I have consulted my friend, Mirror on the subject and she seems to have no more suggestions… even Doo Dog is out of ideas. So today I decided it was time to have a conversation with The Grand Ma. She came over around lunch time so I invited her to sit with me for a while and discuss the matter. Fortunately she is becoming quite fluent in gibberish so communication is not as much of a problem with her as it seems to be with everyone else. After she sat down, I proceeded to tell her the entire story, which she listened to with much interest… she is so supportive that way. When I had finally finished explaining that I was out of strategies for defeating these evil creatures who sought to occupy my domain she gave me the most interesting advice. “Well, have you tried to play with them?” she asked in fluent gibberish. “Play with them!” I said incredulously “They are my enemies!” “True. But I believe those creatures outside are called dogs and dogs are known to become your friend if you play with them. Perhaps it will work better than your attempts to antagonize them.” She replied. At this I was indignant. “They started this whole thing by antagonizing me first!” “It doesn’t matter who starts it” said The Grand Ma “It matters who finishes it.” Well, of course I knew she was right about that so I decided not to argue any further. After thanking her for her attention and dismissing her, I decided to give the idea some thought. Is it possible that a bit of playtime could turn an enemy into a friend? Perhaps I will soon find out.

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