Part 20: The Assault ©

After days of careful planning and many failed attempts to communicate my plans to Uncle Schmoe, I finally succeeded in delivering a second attack! Yesterday in a most fortunate turn of events, Mom asked Uncle Schmoe to supervise my activities while she went to someplace called “the store”. It was my golden opportunity! As soon as Mom was out of sight I quickly moved to the back portal door and began tapping on it incessantly. I had learned from my previous attempts at communication with Uncle Schmoe that he seems to only understand sign language… it must be an alien thing. At first he didn’t seem to be paying attention to me so I added in a grunting sound which finally got his attention. “Do you want to go outside?” he asked. I did not comprehend what he said at all but it seemed that he might be starting to understand… In desperation I tapped harder and grunted louder until he finally reached over and began to open the portal door. Success! When we stepped outside I immediately reached my arms to the sky which was always my signal to him that I wanted to play rocket ship. He quickly obliged and my plan was now well underway! As soon as we blasted off, he proceeded to fly me around all over the outside domain just as Ellie and Squirt emerged from their lair of evil… the look of dismay on their faces was priceless! Uncle Schmoe and I zoomed over their heads as I dropped my super spit bombs with deadly aim. They yelled ferociously but I was not to be intimidated. “Surrender!” I yelled from my place in the sky. “Never!” They yelled back. Uncle Schmoe seemed to be catching on to my plot and swooped in for me to drop a second round of spit bombs. Unfortunately Uncle Schmoe does not have the super stamina that I do and we were forced to land shortly thereafter but nevertheless, it was an exhilarating battle! Once inside, I thanked Uncle Schmoe for his cooperation and resumed my regular superhero activities before Mom returned from her trip. Overall, I consider it a most successful endeavor but since the evil creatures still seem to refuse surrender, I’m afraid I must think of a new approach if I am to win this war.

(All Content on this page is copyrighted by Angela R. Sexton 2012, All Rights Reserved)


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