Part 19: Mud ©

Tonight as I lay in my padded cell, I am plagued with despair over my recent defeat. This morning I thought that I was being given a golden opportunity but it turned out to be disaster. Dad actually volunteered to take me outside the back portal and it seemed that he was trying to facilitate some sort of peace negotiations. We walked hand in hand right into the domain of Ellie and Squirt. They approached with a deceptive submissiveness when Dad called their names but I was not fooled. I looked right at them and told them that I would not surrender my domain and until they met my demands, we were at war! However, as soon as I got the words out, something strange happened. The sand that surrounded the patio was now wet and had turned into a dark brown pool of pure delight that I could not resist! I could no longer think clearly and my feet started moving towards the pool almost involuntarily… Dad tried to stop me but somehow I wiggled from his grip and jumped in on all fours. The feel of the wet sand was intoxicating! I didn’t even pay attention to the smug grins on Ellie and Squirt’s face as they celebrated their success in luring me into their trap. Fortunately Dad called out my name, “No, no, NO!” and rescued me before they had any chance to attack. I am ashamed at my weakness; but it was quite fortunate that at least Dad was there to save me. I am beginning to think he might actually be a superhero in disguise and perhaps he is becoming too strong for the mind control of the evil creatures. Only time will tell but for now I must re-strengthen my mental powers and continue to plan my air assault with Uncle Schmoe.

(All Content on this page is copyrighted by Angela R. Sexton 2012, All Rights Reserved)


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