Part 18: Friend In The Mirror ©

Every morning I go with Mom to a place called “the closet” while she exchanges the teddy bear pants she wears in the morning for some terribly plain looking pants with nothing colorful on them at all… I never understand why she does that, but yesterday as I was sitting on the floor pondering this, I noticed that on the back side of the closet door there was a magnificent window, which I had never noticed before, and in this window I discovered a new friend! At first I was startled by the baby staring at me but she greeted me with such a happy smile, I knew at once we were kindred in spirit! Mom, noticing my interest in this new window friend, was very helpful and introduced her as Mirror. It was a funny sounding name but not wanting to be rude, I decided to move on and find out more about her life in the window. As it turned out, she is a superhero too, although her domain seems to be much smaller than mine. We chatted for a while about all the challenges of superhero life and before long I was able to inform her of all my encounters with the creatures outside the portal. Sometimes it seemed like she was copying everything I said but I suppose that’s understandable considering adorableness is my strongest super power. Anyways, I asked her if she had any suggestions about how to arrange for a second attack on their domain and she advised me to enlist the help of Uncle Schmoe. She said that since he is an alien, he probably doesn’t know I’m not supposed to be outside the back portal. If I can successfully get him to take me out and launch me into the air in a game of rocket ship then I might be able to arrange an air attack with my spit bombs. It was a brilliant idea! As I followed Mom out of the closet, I thanked her for her advice and promised to return for further discussion the next morning. I must now think about how to convince Uncle Schmoe to assist me in my plan of attack…

(All Content on this page is copyrighted by Angela R. Sexton 2012, All Rights Reserved)


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