Part 17: This Means War! ©

It has now been a week since my confrontation with Ellie and Squirt and just yesterday Mr. Tiggles brought me intelligence indicating that they have no intention of surrendering. Apparently my growling technique was not as effective as I had hoped which means this is war! I must now make preparations for my next attack but it will take some time to come up with a suitable strategy since Mom is now more aware of my escape skills. However, there has been a most advantageous development… recently my super strength has spread into my legs and I am now able to, not only stand up to an upright position but also take successive steps, enabling me to move about at a higher rate of speed! For some reason I can’t seem to go for more than a few feet before I fall to the ground again, but I am confident that with a little more practice this newfound strength will be very useful in defeating my enemies. Perhaps my speed will increase to such a level that I will be able to escape out the portal and be back before Mom notices my absence… Maybe… I will keep working on it.

(All Content on this page is copyrighted by Angela R. Sexton 2012, All Rights Reserved)


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