Part 16: The Escape ©

Today success was mine! Yes, my friends opportunity finally smiled upon me and I have achieved my first escape into enemy territory. It all began this morning when Mom was passing food to the creatures through the portal… it’s amazing how effectively she has been brain washed which is why I must not be defeated in my quest. Anyways, after she returned from placing the food outside, I noticed that she did not close the portal door all the way, leaving me with a golden opportunity that I could not pass up! But first I had to make sure that she would not be able to stop me; at least long enough for me to confront the evil creatures who had repeatedly threatened my domain. So I waited and watched for what seemed like an eternity. Then, in a most fortuitous moment, the phone rang and mom was finally distracted. Now was my chance! Using all of my super stealth powers, I scurried across the floor to the slightly ajar portal door and squeezed my way through it. I was finally free but I knew it wouldn’t be long before Mom realized I was gone so I quickly got down to business. Using the growling techniques I had learned from Doo Dog, I challenged Ellie and Squirt to confront me. Slowly they emerged from their lair and stalked towards me. I showed no fear. Pointing my finger directly at them I demanded that they cease their attempts to infiltrate my domain and release Mom and Dad from their mind control. They sneered and told me they would not yield to my demands. Preparing for my attack, I began to move closer but it was too late. Mom had realized my escape and came rushing towards me, chanting my name as she scooped me up in her arms. “This is not over!” I yelled as she carried me away “You have one week to surrender or I will be back!” They growled in response but I knew they were intimated by my bold confrontation and would consider my offer; thus ended my first venture into enemy territory. It was exhilarating! Though it was not a victory, they now know I am fearless and will wait expectantly for their surrender.

(All Content on this page is copyrighted by Angela R. Sexton 2012, All Rights Reserved)


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