Part 14: The Plan

This week it was finally time to go see Banana and after spending some time in my super awesome command station, I was finally able to get some time alone with Doo Dog. We discussed the shiny spring that seemed to have an inexplicable power to draw me to itself and he concurred with my suspicion that it was definitely some sort of evil device placed by Ellie and Squirt. This was the last straw. Not only had they sent a bug into my domain but now they were placing devices that could influence my superhero mind and distract me from the task at hand. They must be stopped! So I began to formulate my plan… instead of waiting for them to come to me, it is now time for me to go to them. I will descend in all my super strength on their secret liar of evil! But how? I discussed all the possibilities with Doo Dog and we finally concluded that I would have to sneak out the portal. I hated to be slight of hand, but I felt it was absolutely necessary if I was ever going to truly ensure the safety of Mom, Dad and Uncle Schmoe. A superhero must do what a superhero must do and as soon as I arrive home I will begin looking for my opportunity to take action.


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