Part 12: Super Strength! ©

Since my conversation with Mr. Tiggles I have been very diligent in improving my superhero skills.  In fact, it was just yesterday that I discovered a new power while Mom and I were building small cities with colorful pieces of wood.  Mom was neatly stacking the wood to make towers, which I find to be completely unimaginative, so I tried to tell her that we should be more creative. As usual, she didn’t seem to understand.  I moved closer to her tower and reached out to show her my ideas but instead of grasping the piece of wood, I demolished the entire tower with one stroke of my hand.  This was phenomenal!  I actually have super strength that can flatten an entire wooden structure with one blow! Mom was also very impressed because she clapped her hands and laughed with joy at my new development… she can be so supportive sometimes.  Anyways, once we made this discovery she began to make more towers while I continued to practice knocking them down and I have to say it was quite exhilarating.  This new-found super power is sure to be quite useful in defeating my enemies and I am quite anxious to tell Puff Bunny about it before I pass out later this evening… He is always very impressed with all of my superhero stories and I am sure this will be a favorite.

(All content on this page is copyrighted by Angela R. Sexton 2012, All Rights Reserved)


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