Part 11: The Plot ©

Today I made a breakthrough! I met with Mr. Tiggles at our usual spot by the window and he provided me with information regarding the reason for Ellie and Squirt’s plot to infiltrate my domain.  Being the clever spy that he is, Mr. Tiggles dug a tunnel that comes up under a patch of grass right behind the enemy’s base of operations.  During one of his stake outs in the tunnel, Mr. Tiggles told me that he overheard the creatures alking secretly among themselves and it seems they actually used to dwell on MY side of the portal with Mom and Dad.  But what Mr. Tiggles also found out was that when my transport device landed, Ellie and Squirt were forever banished to the outside, which must be what they meant by saying they would reclaim what was once theirs. It all made sense now… I realized all at once that I had actually saved Mom and Dad from enemy occupation and that is why these villainous creatures were now out for revenge.  Suddenly I knew that it was up to me to stop their diabolical plan and I must  be even more diligent to keep my super powers in top condition. Also I must continue to gather intelligence on their plots so that when the time comes, I will be able to defeat them once and for all.

(All content on this page is copyrighted by Angela R. Sexton 2012, All Rights Reserved)


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