Part 13: The Enchanted Doorstop ©

Today the strangest thing happened.  I was on the floor coating some objects with my super spit, just to make sure they didn’t have any bugs on them, when suddenly I was distracted by a shiny spring sticking out next to the doorway.  I wanted to continue my spit coating but for some reason I felt that I must go and chew on this shiny object.  It was so strange; I just couldn’t resist the draw.  Dad even kept picking me up and turning me in a different direction but I kept feeling as though I must turn back. Finally he gave up and moved me to a different room. As soon as he did, the urge went away and I was back to my normal self.  It was then that I realized it must be some sort of spell cast by Ellie and Squirt, which meant that I would have to investigate the matter further. Perhaps my friends at Banana’s house would know… I will most definitely ask Doo Dog on my next visit.

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Links of the Week!

For those who have dreams of publishing a children’s book, this article was extremely helpful!

If anyone else out there has ever labored over trying to use a different word to describe a character’s emotion this link is super awesome!!qMH6C:41@FFtMJ/

A great blog post on the importance of writing for children not just about children.

Part 12: Super Strength! ©

Since my conversation with Mr. Tiggles I have been very diligent in improving my superhero skills.  In fact, it was just yesterday that I discovered a new power while Mom and I were building small cities with colorful pieces of wood.  Mom was neatly stacking the wood to make towers, which I find to be completely unimaginative, so I tried to tell her that we should be more creative. As usual, she didn’t seem to understand.  I moved closer to her tower and reached out to show her my ideas but instead of grasping the piece of wood, I demolished the entire tower with one stroke of my hand.  This was phenomenal!  I actually have super strength that can flatten an entire wooden structure with one blow! Mom was also very impressed because she clapped her hands and laughed with joy at my new development… she can be so supportive sometimes.  Anyways, once we made this discovery she began to make more towers while I continued to practice knocking them down and I have to say it was quite exhilarating.  This new-found super power is sure to be quite useful in defeating my enemies and I am quite anxious to tell Puff Bunny about it before I pass out later this evening… He is always very impressed with all of my superhero stories and I am sure this will be a favorite.

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Links of The Week!

I am in love with this blog! It is for children’s literature only, the reviews are extremely helpful and the books chosen by Jennifer Lavonier seem to have a depth to them, which I really like. Please go visit if you have the chance!


This blog is also a new favorite for children’s book reviews. It is not quite as easy to navigate as TurtleAndRobot but it is definitely helpful and I am glad to subscribe!

Part 11: The Plot ©

Today I made a breakthrough! I met with Mr. Tiggles at our usual spot by the window and he provided me with information regarding the reason for Ellie and Squirt’s plot to infiltrate my domain.  Being the clever spy that he is, Mr. Tiggles dug a tunnel that comes up under a patch of grass right behind the enemy’s base of operations.  During one of his stake outs in the tunnel, Mr. Tiggles told me that he overheard the creatures alking secretly among themselves and it seems they actually used to dwell on MY side of the portal with Mom and Dad.  But what Mr. Tiggles also found out was that when my transport device landed, Ellie and Squirt were forever banished to the outside, which must be what they meant by saying they would reclaim what was once theirs. It all made sense now… I realized all at once that I had actually saved Mom and Dad from enemy occupation and that is why these villainous creatures were now out for revenge.  Suddenly I knew that it was up to me to stop their diabolical plan and I must  be even more diligent to keep my super powers in top condition. Also I must continue to gather intelligence on their plots so that when the time comes, I will be able to defeat them once and for all.

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Links of the Week!

I am always looking for competitions specifically for picture book writers and it sometimes seems impossible to find! However, last week I found this link thanks to a facebook post from so I hope it is helpful to all you other aspiring children’s authors!

The underlying theme of most of my writing is about taking time to stop and live for real. This post from The Simple Mom was an exceptional encapsulation of that theme and I thought I would share it with all of you!