Part 9: Baby No and The Mysterious Spoon ©

In addition to my super serum I am fed variety of mushy substances with a device that I have been investigating for months now.  Mom says the device is a “spoon”; Dad seems to believe it is some sort of shovel and Uncle Schmoe, of course, thinks it’s a radio antenna to contact his friends in outer space, which doesn’t make any sense to me.  Personally, I find the device absolutely fascinating and it is my belief that it can be used to capture bugs and deliver them to Mr. Tiggles; so this week I determined to confiscate it.  Yesterday morning Mom put me in my usual feeding mechanism and as was expected, brought the device along with a container of green mush.  She opened the container and began to feed me scoops of the green substance, which I might say was absolutely repulsive. After about four or five servings I decided it was definitely time to retrieve the device. As soon as it came close to my mouth I reached up and grasped the handle with my super strong grip.  Mom didn’t seem to understand that I needed to have it because she kept trying to take it away from me, but it wasn’t long before I over powered her. Once she was forced to let go, green mush went flying and landed directly onto her shirt.  Mom, surprised by my victory, could only say “Oh, No!” and then went to the water spout to wash off the substance while I gloried in my triumph!  However, my victory was short lived because when she came back she somehow weakened my super grip and took back the device.  I was incredibly displeased.  I tried to explain that I needed it for capturing bugs but she would not listen and once again I had no choice but to release a torrent of tears over my loss.  I’m not sure if she nderstood my pain but I at least did my very best to communicate it to her… I suppose for now I will just have to think of some other method for delivering bugs to Mr. Tiggles.

(All content on this page is copyrighted by Angela R. Sexton 2012, All Rights Reserved)


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