Part 7: Banana, Captain Pops and the Fluffy White Creatures ©

This week I visited the domain of Banana and Captain Pops.  I can never tell if Mom is saying “My Nana” or “Banana” so I just call her Banana… she’s pretty cool and also provides me with an excellent command station that allows me to develop all of my super senses.  Captain Pops lives with Banana and he is my flight instructor who takes me flying all over their domain on a regular basis.  You see, since Mom and Dad seem to be opposed to me practicing flying at home I have decided to obtain instruction on the subject and perhaps I will eventually perfect my skills enough to practice without interruption. Anyways… also living with Banana and Captain Pops are four fluffy white creatures very similar to the creatures that live outside the portal at my home domain.  However, I have come to discover that these particular creatures are actually friendly and are in fact excellent sources of information.  Their names are Doo Dog (who speaks fluent Gibberish), Sweetness, Chubby and DumbDumb.  The last one has questionable allegiance so I generally conduct all of my fact-finding conversations with the first three and this week I actually found out something rather useful.  Doo Dog informed me that if I wish to effectively neutralize a confrontation with Ellie and Squirt then I should make a sound with my throat called a “growl”.  I had never before heard of such a thing so I asked Chubby to demonstrate and I was amazed at the fierceness of the sound!!! I then decided to try it for myself and even though I still needed practice, Doo Dog said it was quite exceptional for my first try.  Since then I have been practicing my growl diligently in order to be ready for any future confrontations… I even tried it on Banana and she seemed to think I was quite intimidating although afterwards she kept kissing my cheeks like she thought I was being cute or something… Oh well, I will just keep practicing.

(Content on this page is copyrighted by Angela R. Sexton 2012, All Rights Reserved)


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