Part 5: Happy Pappy and The Grand Ma ©

I think now is a good time to introduce you to two more of the interesting people who frequent my superhero life.  There is this old lady that calls herself simply The Grand Ma and a fuzzy old man that usually travels with her and, according to Uncle Schmoe, his name is Happy Pappy.  They come to my domain and visit me frequently which is always great fun because I am quite sure that the Grand Ma actually speaks a small amount of Gibberish. I’ve told her all my conspiracies regarding the creatures outside the portal and I am confident that she is in total agreement. Also, both the Grand Ma and Happy Pappy wear these round, wire looking devices over their eyes which I am absolutely sure allows them to have some kind of x-ray vision. Such a device would be a phenomenal weapon against my enemies! I feel it is absolutely necessary for me to obtain them as part of my spy gear collection. So today I politely asked them to hand them to me but they didn’t seem to understand… like I said the Grand Ma only speaks a small amount of my secret dialect and I have received no indication as to whether Happy Pappy speaks any at all. Nevertheless, I simply must have the devices, so whenever they are holding me I begin to slowly remove them from their faces.  Unfortunately my stealth skills are not completely developed and they always seem to catch me and take them back.  I try to tell them that I only want to keep them long enough to duplicate the design at my secret lab but once again, I think they are misunderstanding.  Oh well, I suppose I will just keep trying.

(Content on this page is copyrighted by Angela R. Sexton 2012, All Rights Reserved)


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