Part 3: Flying Practice ©

No signs of Squirt and Ellie for a couple of days but I am still keeping my super powers sharp… today I practiced flying by leaping from my changing station. I waited until Dad was reaching for a new spongy thing to strap to my posterior before I made my move, but unfortunately, I was thwarted. Dad caught me midair and I was forced to show him my displeasure by crying little water droplets which I can produce at a moment’s notice.  Everyone knows that all superheroes must fly and I don’t understand how he expects me to do this if I cannot practice! Nonetheless I’m sure that it is only a matter of time before I succeed.  I have also been consuming large amounts of Super Serum and I can feel my super elastic limbs getting stronger. I am quite sure that in my next confrontation with the evil creatures my power will be so great, they will have to succumb.  Well, that’s it for today and for all you other superheroes out there keep trying to fly!  One day you will succeed!

(Content on this page is copyrighted by Angela R. Sexton 2012, All Rights Reserved)


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