Superhero In Suburbia: The Secret Life of Baby No ©

Hello  World!!!

I am adorable… but that’s not my only magical power.  My limbs are made entirely of rubber, I can cry real tears on cue, disappear without warning and even though I’m only 6 months old I am in fact a superhero. My adventures are many and mostly top secret but since I don’t actually know what secrets are I’ve decided that they must be good enough to share with you; so let’s just start with the facts.

My name is No… or maybe it’s Baby No… but we’ll just go with No.  I live in a place called Suburbia with a lady who tells me her name is Mom… we don’t always communicate very well but she’s pretty cool anyways.  I also live with a guy named Dad and another guy they call Uncle Schmoe but I don’t think that’s his real name.  My theory – he is an alien. I think he misses home too because we are always playing this game called “rocket ship” where we blast off into outer space… it’s AWESOME!! He’s actually not too bad for an alien but I keep my eye on him anyways just in case I discover that he is in league with my enemies.

Speaking of which, I should probably tell you about them. I discovered these enemies only yesterday while I was minding my own business and cleaning the floors with my super spit, which also happens to be one of my powers. It was then that something very strange disturbed my peaceful activities.  Mom decided to open a portal in the back of the house, which I did not even know existed, and when she did two furry creatures flew past her.  One was white with strange brown markings and the other was all brown with white socks on its feet… they both began to rush towards me and it was immediately apparent from their evil grins and strange war cries that they were enemies. Suddenly I heard Mom call my name “No, No, No!” and I knew I had to act fast; so I hunkered down close to the floor and used my supersonic screaming mechanism. They were stunned into silence but before I could attack, Mom snatched them up in her arms and headed towards the portal.  As she carried them away they called out to me, “We’ll be back and we will yet reclaim what was once ours!!” but before I could respond the portal door was shut and the evil creatures were gone… at least for now.  I did not know what was meant by their threat to reclaim what was once theirs but I knew I would have to find out… so I guess that’s all the basics and I hope you will join me as I share with you my secret life as a superhero in suburbia.



(Content on this page is copyrighted by Angela R. Sexton 2012, All Rights Reserved)


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