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Part 5: Happy Pappy and The Grand Ma ©

I think now is a good time to introduce you to two more of the interesting people who frequent my superhero life.  There is this old lady that calls herself simply The Grand Ma and a fuzzy old man that usually travels with her and, according to Uncle Schmoe, his name is Happy Pappy.  They come to my domain and visit me frequently which is always great fun because I am quite sure that the Grand Ma actually speaks a small amount of Gibberish. I’ve told her all my conspiracies regarding the creatures outside the portal and I am confident that she is in total agreement. Also, both the Grand Ma and Happy Pappy wear these round, wire looking devices over their eyes which I am absolutely sure allows them to have some kind of x-ray vision. Such a device would be a phenomenal weapon against my enemies! I feel it is absolutely necessary for me to obtain them as part of my spy gear collection. So today I politely asked them to hand them to me but they didn’t seem to understand… like I said the Grand Ma only speaks a small amount of my secret dialect and I have received no indication as to whether Happy Pappy speaks any at all. Nevertheless, I simply must have the devices, so whenever they are holding me I begin to slowly remove them from their faces.  Unfortunately my stealth skills are not completely developed and they always seem to catch me and take them back.  I try to tell them that I only want to keep them long enough to duplicate the design at my secret lab but once again, I think they are misunderstanding.  Oh well, I suppose I will just keep trying.

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Part 4: Superhero Convention ©

Today is Sunday which is when I make my weekly trip to the superhero convention.  Mom, Dad and Uncle Schmoe escort me in my special transporter capsule and then release me into a room called The Nursery.  It has exceptional exercise facilities for me and my fellow superheroes to develop our super powers and in the center of the floor is the mat where we gather to exchange information. On this particular Sunday I was discussing the problem of my new-found archenemies with Baby Stinky Pants.  His super power is being able to clear an entire room with a single blast from his posterior gas gun… it is AWESOME! Anyways, he actually gave me a valuable piece of intelligence, which was that often the forces of evil will use something called a “bug” to spy on superheroes and learn the secrets of their power.  He told me that if I should see one in my domain, I should dispatch it by any means necessary. I thanked him for his information in our common dialect (Gibberish) and we exchanged drool covered chewing devices to enjoy until the Nursery overseers took them away.  I’m never sure why they do that, but it wasn’t too long until Mom came to put me back in my transporter capsule to return home. Overall a very successful day and I will now be on the look-out for these “bugs”.

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Part 3: Flying Practice ©

No signs of Squirt and Ellie for a couple of days but I am still keeping my super powers sharp… today I practiced flying by leaping from my changing station. I waited until Dad was reaching for a new spongy thing to strap to my posterior before I made my move, but unfortunately, I was thwarted. Dad caught me midair and I was forced to show him my displeasure by crying little water droplets which I can produce at a moment’s notice.  Everyone knows that all superheroes must fly and I don’t understand how he expects me to do this if I cannot practice! Nonetheless I’m sure that it is only a matter of time before I succeed.  I have also been consuming large amounts of Super Serum and I can feel my super elastic limbs getting stronger. I am quite sure that in my next confrontation with the evil creatures my power will be so great, they will have to succumb.  Well, that’s it for today and for all you other superheroes out there keep trying to fly!  One day you will succeed!

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Part 2: Bath Day ©

Well, since my disconcerting encounter with the strange furry creatures I have learned two very important things… First, it seems the creatures are actually some sort of animal and are called Squirt and Ellie.  I know this because I have observed Mom opening the portal to pass food to these creatures and she calls them by name, which brings me to my next discovery. From all appearances it seems that both Mom and Dad are somehow unaware of the evil nature of these animals which can only mean that they have somehow been brainwashed by them…I am not yet sure about Uncle Schmoe. I have tried to communicate my discoveries to them but like I mentioned before… we have a few communication issues. Don’t worry I won’t give up but at least for now, Squirt and Ellie have not breeched the portal again so all is well.  In fact, today was bath day which is one of my favorite activities… it is only on bath day that I am freed of that spongy thing on my butt and the pastel colored space suits that restrain my movement.  Not to mention the fact that I get to splash water all over the place… even mom thinks it’s amazing because she keeps chanting my name, “No, No, NO!”… I just can’t make the splashes big enough for her. Afterwards I get a massaged with this greasy stuff which is a little disconcerting but I suppose it is necessary to maintain the elasticity of my rubber limbs… in the end I feel it is quite rejuvenating.  Well, it’s almost time for me to play Catch Me if You Can with Dad so until next time…

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Superhero In Suburbia: The Secret Life of Baby No ©

Hello  World!!!

I am adorable… but that’s not my only magical power.  My limbs are made entirely of rubber, I can cry real tears on cue, disappear without warning and even though I’m only 6 months old I am in fact a superhero. My adventures are many and mostly top secret but since I don’t actually know what secrets are I’ve decided that they must be good enough to share with you; so let’s just start with the facts.

My name is No… or maybe it’s Baby No… but we’ll just go with No.  I live in a place called Suburbia with a lady who tells me her name is Mom… we don’t always communicate very well but she’s pretty cool anyways.  I also live with a guy named Dad and another guy they call Uncle Schmoe but I don’t think that’s his real name.  My theory – he is an alien. I think he misses home too because we are always playing this game called “rocket ship” where we blast off into outer space… it’s AWESOME!! He’s actually not too bad for an alien but I keep my eye on him anyways just in case I discover that he is in league with my enemies.

Speaking of which, I should probably tell you about them. I discovered these enemies only yesterday while I was minding my own business and cleaning the floors with my super spit, which also happens to be one of my powers. It was then that something very strange disturbed my peaceful activities.  Mom decided to open a portal in the back of the house, which I did not even know existed, and when she did two furry creatures flew past her.  One was white with strange brown markings and the other was all brown with white socks on its feet… they both began to rush towards me and it was immediately apparent from their evil grins and strange war cries that they were enemies. Suddenly I heard Mom call my name “No, No, No!” and I knew I had to act fast; so I hunkered down close to the floor and used my supersonic screaming mechanism. They were stunned into silence but before I could attack, Mom snatched them up in her arms and headed towards the portal.  As she carried them away they called out to me, “We’ll be back and we will yet reclaim what was once ours!!” but before I could respond the portal door was shut and the evil creatures were gone… at least for now.  I did not know what was meant by their threat to reclaim what was once theirs but I knew I would have to find out… so I guess that’s all the basics and I hope you will join me as I share with you my secret life as a superhero in suburbia.



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